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Hola, everyone out there in LJ Land!
I'm sorry that there haven't been any updates in the last few months.
I've been really busy with school and such,
that I haven't had the chance to sit down and make some graphics.
But obviously I've had a few days to myself,
or I wouldn't be posting right now! lol [[=

D e c e m b e r   1 s t ,   2 0 0 7

- 3 Base Sets (Fall Out Boy, Seth Rogan, 30 Seconds to Mars)
- 20 Icons (Seth Rogan, Fall Out Boy, 30 Seconds to Mars)
- 6 Colorbars (Jared Leto, Joe Trohman, Seth Rogan)

Fall Out Boy

Seth Rogan

30 Seconds to Mars

Seth Rogan

Fall Out Boy

30 Seconds to Mars

Jared Leto

Joe Trohman

Seth Rogan

Reading and knowing the rules = ♥
Tags: 30 seconds to mars, bases, colorbars, fall out boy, icons, seth rogan
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Love the joe Trohman colourbars.
Snagged the first one!
will credit when using!
snagged a few Joe icons and some FOB bases.
there all great
taking a joe icon and a joe lovebar.thanks a lot! =D
i love you so much for all the trohman-ness
will credit when used
oh, for sure.
Trohman is the shizzle.
not to mention smokin hot
I loev Seth Rogan! He's amazing

I like the way your FOB icons turned out. They're cute <3
oh God, I cannot tell you how much I love Seth.
he's seriously my idol; if I ever I become a screenwriter I really, really hope that I'll get to work with him and Judd Apatow both.
they're just...well, like you said; amazing

and thanks; I really do try n_n
30stm and Jared Leto ones are amazing!
Took some Jared Leto icons. Thx :)
Very nice icons! Saved some of the 30STM ones. Thanks.
hi there,
you're a previous winner at iawards and I thought you might like to know that the BEST OF 2007 voting with all winning icons of 2007 has just started :)
Wonderful icons!

Stealing the first Jared Leto colorbar! Will credit!